Conditions for Admission




Conditions for Admission to Joshibi University of Art and Design

  1. Any application paper/material will not be returned to you once submitted.
  2. You must remain enrolled as a regular student at your home institution while studying at Joshibi.
  3. You are required to inform an international officer at Joshibi of the name and such contact information as phone/fax numbers and email address of an international officer at your home institution so that they are able to communicate each other at all times in respect of your study at Joshibi.
  4. You will only be allowed to take regular studio-based or workshop-style classes. Normally such classes are held for three (3) hours per day from Monday through Friday. No classes will be given on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and designated university holidays.
  5. The language in class and for communication on campus is Japanese. Joshibi will not provide you with any language translation service by staff or arrangement of the translator. You should be well aware that you have a high proficiency in Japanese enough to survive in class. English may be used in a few occasions, but it is obvious that this is not a major language. No other languages will be in use.
  6. Joshibi will help you find your accommodation in Japan. You have an option for an off-campus dormitory as Joshibi doesn’t offer on-campus student halls of residence. Your accommodation fee should be covered by yourself.
  7. You shall have responsibility for your own health and accident insurance. Proof of adequate insurance must be provided to the University.
  8. To gain credits from Joshibi, you must attend classes regularly, take examinations for each subject you take, and be evaluated with a successful grading mark, all of which are applicable to local students. If you wish to have the credits from Joshibi recognized by your home institution, please consult a relevant teacher/officer of your home institution before coming to Joshibi in order to be well notified of any administrative procedures.
  9. You are not required to pay for admission fee, tuition fee, and studio fee.
  10. You will be subject to the same rules and regulations governing local students, as well as specific rules controlling your study programme established by Joshibi.
  11. Joshibi shall in any way not be responsible for your personal costs including air fare, local transport costs, food, accommodation, laundry service, entertainment, materials, and general expenses. Joshibi will not provide you with any financial assistance such as a scholarship or bursary. Any necessary expense for your stay in Japan should be covered by yourself.
  12. Joshibi accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal property. In the event of any damage or loss, Joshibi will use reasonable endeavours to assist you to remedy the situation. Such endeavours shall be without prejudice and without any admission of liability.
  13. In the case that you inflict physical or property damage/loss on Joshibi provided that it arises from your negligence or intentional conduct, you shall take legal liability for it and deal with it quickly and honestly in corporation with your home Institution.
  14. Except for some cases, you will need to obtain a visa for entry into Japan. Joshibi will provide you with any necessary documents you need to submit to your local Japanese embassy/consulate general (Interchange Association, Japan for Taiwanese citizens) for visa application. Any necessary expenses for the application should be covered by yourself.
  15. If you have any questions in respect of application procedures, please contact the Center for International Relations at