How to Apply



Application Procedures for Exchange Students

STEP 1: Student Nomination

Students in our partner universities must be nominated by their home institutions before beginning the application process. The home institution has to provide the nomination information with the basic information about the student selected for the exchange. Please note that nomination does not guarantee admission to the exchange program at Joshibi since space availability varies from year to year.

STEP 2: Online Application

The nominated student must complete an online application form with their personal data and current courses.

Deadline for Online Application for the Spring semester of 2025: November 15, 2024

STEP 3: Submit Application Documents

Students or their home institutions must send all of the application documents by e-mail to the Center for International Relations at Joshibi by the designated deadline.


Please check on the List of Application Documents to download the application forms.

If any changes are made after the document submission, you must promptly notify us by e-mail.

Nomination / Application Deadline

  • Deadline for the spring semester of 2025 Application:  
         November 15, 2024
  • Deadline for the autumn semester 2025 Application:  
         April 15, 2025

Overall Schedule for Student Exchange

Please refer to the Student Exchange Program Flow Chart below for the overall schedule. Also, it is recommended to check our academic calendar before applying and ensure that the time frames meet any expected deadlines/procedures at your home institution before/after your student exchange at Joshibi University.