2024.1 JOSHIBI国際交流DAY 実施報告

2024.01.20 お知らせ・在学生

1.10 協定外国人留学生のための送別会(杉並キャンパス)


A farewell party was held at the Suginami campus for four international students (from China, Indonesia and Finland) who will finish their study abroad programmes at Joshibi in the second semester of 2023.
We played the 'Nanja Monja Game' while eating sweets, asked them about their memories of Japan and presented them with an assortment of popular Japanese sweets.
The international students also told us that everyone at Joshibi was kind to them. We are happy to hear that both the international students and Joshibi students had a fulfilling time.
We are sad to see them go home, but we hope they will come back to visit us again!