Course Selection and Registration



  • You will only be allowed to take regular studio-based or workshop-style classes. Normally such classes are held for three (3) hours per day from Monday through Friday. No classes will be given on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and designated university holidays.
  • For your information, 2nd- and 4th-year students take morning classes from 9:20 to 12:30, and 1st- and 3rd-year students take afternoon classes from 13:20 to 16:30. Exchange students generally choose among 2nd and 3rd-year courses, sometimes among 1st-year courses. However, students need to check their schedules to avoid the crush.
  • Joshibi officially defines the spring semester as mid-April to the end of July and the autumn semester as mid-September to the end of January. However, most studio-based or workshop-style classes taken by exchange students end in mid-July for the spring semester and in late December for the autumn semester. Please check with the faculty during your course registration meeting regarding the end of classes.
  • For credits, one credit is equivalent to 45 hours of course work including classes and self-study.
  • The language in class and for communication on campus is Japanese. Joshibi will not provide you with any language translation service by staff or arrangement of the translator. You should be well aware that you have a high proficiency in Japanese enough to survive in class. English may be used on a few occasions, but it is obvious that this is not a major language. No other languages will be in use.