Academic Calendar



Academic calendar 2022-23

Tuition at Joshibi starts in April and ends in the following January. It is divided into two terms. Exchange students can study for either one term or one academic year. Shorter study periods may be negotiated if requested. Whatever study period is, they are advised to start their study on the commencement date of the term. Normally, they attend classes from Monday through Friday although there may be some exceptions. No classes are given on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and designated university holidays (inclusive of Joshibi Art Festival Week) as well as during Vacations.

A set of application materials for admission to the 1st Term of 2023 should arrive by 15 November 2022 and to the 2nd Term 2023 by 15 April 2023.

Orientation for local students

Early April 2022

Commencement of 1st Term

April 11

End of 1st Term

Late July

Summer (Inter-term) Vacation

Late July – September 11

Commencement of 2nd Term

September 12

Joshibi Art Festival Week (No classes given)

October 18-25

Winter (Mid-term) Vacation

December 27 – January 9 2023

End of 2nd Term

Late January

Spring Vacation

Late January–Early April