How to obtain a visa for studying in Japan

Any exchange / visiting students who wish to study in Japan for more than 90 days (3-6 months in some cases) need to obtain a visa from Japanese Government authority before entering the country. A typical valid period for them is 6 months or 1 year. You will get one of them depending on your period of stay. Please read this guide carefully to go through application process as quickly and smoothly as possible. The process is divided into 5 stages as explained below.

STAGE 1 : Application for Certificate of Eligibility

Joshibi makes an application to Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau for your Certificate of Eligibility on behalf of you once your application is officially permitted. This certificate is to prove that you are qualified for maintaining a resident status of 'College Student' during your study in Japan. 

STAGE 2 : Issuance of the Certificate

You will wait for the Certificate to be issued for 1-2 months. 

STAGE 3 : Delivery of the Certificate

Upon receiving the Certificate from the immigration bureau, Joshibi will forward it to you by email.

STAGE 4 : Application for visa

You will go to your nearest Embassy/Consulate General of Japan to apply for your visa, bringing the Certificate, your passport, and other supporting documents if requested. Any necessary expenses for the application should be covered by the student.

STAGE 5 : Issuance of visa

You will get the visa within 1 week or so.