List of Application Documents

The applicant needs to submit a set of application documents in the following two steps.

These should be written in either English or Japanese.


Step1. Filling in the Online Application Form 


Step2. Sending application documents by e-mail


After completing an online application, please send the application documents listed below by e-mail to the Center for International Relations at Joshibi by the application deadline. 


  1. A letter of recommendation issued by one of the full-time teachers at your home institution who knows you well and is responsible for authorizing your study at Joshibi
  2. An academic transcript issued by your home institution proving the name and academic evaluation of all subjects you have taken
  3. A letter of consent issued by your guarantor e.g. parent, spouse, or relative 
  4. A curriculum vitae containing your educational history from primary education
  5. A proof of your Japanese language proficiency (where applicable). If you have ever studied Japanese with a specific teacher, a comment on your ability in that language from him or her could also be accepted. If you write a study proposal in English, you need to submit ANY proof of your Japanese language proficiency.
  6. A portfolio that is closely related to your intended study at Joshibi